Alps semi-integrated dome

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Alps semi-integrated dome
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Switch type Tactile
Sense method Conductive dome
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount PCB mount

Alps semi-integrated dome is a provisional name for semi-discrete switches from Alps Electric which contain conductive rubber domes as part of the contact mechanism.


Alps semi-integrated dome is related to Alps integrated dome. While the latter is a fully discrete switch, the former is a hybrid design. The rubber domes are secured to the PCB by way of small plastic enclosures, and the domes are most likely to be conductive. The sliders however are mounted into a single moulded plastic plate. The switch shares the same slider shape as one of the integrated dome variants.

The switch unit itself is related to the Alps SKEY series;[1] the SKEY switches currently listed at the time of writing only offer 1 mm and 1.2 mm travel, instead of the full travel of the switches used in keyboards.[2]