Alps ultra low profile

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Alps ultra low profile
Alps ultra low profile.jpg
Manufacturer Alps Electric
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Unique
Switch mount PCB mount

Alps ultra low profile refers to a rare low-profile PCB mount switch from Alps.[1] The switch uses a snap-on keycap mount similar to Hi-Tek Series 725 switches to achieve an even lower profile than Alps low profile switches. The switch emits a quiet click when depressed. The switch branding is found on the top of the slider assembly.


The switch is formed of two separate assemblies. The base contains the separated contact plates and actuation spring and is soldered to the PCB. Onto this is placed a self-contained slider assembly, containing a base, a flat-topped slider, and an internal return spring separate from the actuation spring. The exact number of parts is not known, as the switch has not been fully disassembled.

When force is applied to the slider, the central flat-topped piece and the enclosing shaft telescope into the base.


  • Unidentified NTC laptop keyboard from 1992[1]