Amcol keyboard

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Amcol keyboard
Amcol front.JPG
Branding Amcol
Manufacturer Limtech
Layouts Asian 101
Keyswitches Dome with slider, Alps mount
Keycaps Pad-printed cylindrical

Amcol keyboard refers to a keyboard made by Limtech and sold with Amcol branding on the rear label. No model number is provided. The PCB is marked "Z8602PCB" and the bottom membrane is marked "Z8602MEM", which simply refer to the use of a Zilog Z8602 keyboard controller chip. The only example known to date was made in 1994.

After removing a keycap, the keyboard would appear to be a Tai-Hao APC semi-mechanical model, but in fact it uses a rubber dome sheet. Even so, three of the sliders (space bar, enter and right shift) are designed to sit above a helical spring; the placement is so specific that it suggests that potentially spring were used in some batches (or were intended to be used) to stiffen those keys.

The sole example has Latin legends in black and Cyrillic legends in red; both sets of legends use thick ink pad printing over thin Alps mount keycaps.