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Left Amiga key as seen on the variant of Amiga 2000 keyboard made by Cherry

The two 1.25 wide Amiga keys at each end of the space bar are a feature unique to Amiga computers. Each Amiga key has an italicized A legend using the Garamond Bold Italic font, as in the Amiga logo. The Right Amiga key is drawn in outline.

These keys serve a number of purposes:

  • The Right Amiga key is used as a command key for applications, much like like the Command key on the Apple Macintosh.
  • The Left Amiga key is used as a command key for the user interface: controlling windows, swapping between windows and workspaces (screens in Amiga terminology). In some ways, it works like the Windows key works as a command modifier for Windows on PC keyboards.
  • The Amiga keys can also be used for emulating the mouse. Amiga + arrow moves the mouse pointer. Left Alt + Left Amiga = left click, Right Alt + Right Amiga = right click.
  • The combination Ctrl-Left Amiga-Right Amiga triggers a software reset.

On AmigaOS, keyboard shortcuts for menus are typically indicated using a reversed Amiga sign and are triggered with Right Amiga + key.

Typical menu on AmigaOS 3.x

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