Strong Man SMK-8851

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Strong Man SMK-8851
FCC ID KM988KKB8851 (not on record)
Branding Various
Manufacturer Strong Man
Keyswitches Alps SKBM Black, Alps SKBM White
Interface PS/2, AT

Strong Man SMK-8851 refers to at least two keyboard families from Strong Man, which share a common, unlisted FCC ID.



The full-size design appears to be based on the Datacomp design used for keyboards such as the Datacomp DFK121.


Product Layout Interface Version Switch Notes
Filco FKB-101EB 101-key UNIX PS/2 1.2a Type T1
Filco FKB-107J.BIG[1] 107-key JIS PS/2, AT Unconfirmed by rear label
Filco FKB-109J.BIG[2] 109-key JIS PS/2 1.2a Alps SKBM Black Click Strong Man omitted the dot before "BIG", that does appear on the box.[3]
Unbranded[4] 112-key JIS PS/2 1.2a Alps SKBM Black FCC ID has typo in grantee code; should be "KM9" not "KE9"; case is a more compact design
Unbranded[4] 112-key JIS PS/2 1.2a Alps SKBM White


With the exception of the space between the function key row and the remainder of the keys, there are no gaps in the layout, as with a laptop keyboard. The FCC ID is the same as the full-size keyboard.[5]


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