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Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard
Apple M0330 top.jpg
Model no. A9M0330 (except older Alps version)
Part number 658-4081 (older Alps version)
FCC ID BCG5ARA9M0330 (newer Alps version)
BCG47FA9M0330 (SMK version)
Branding Apple
Manufacturer Alps Electric, SMK
Keyswitches SMK Alps mount, Alps SKCM Orange, Alps SKCM Salmon
Interface Apple Desktop Bus
Years of production 1986–1992

The Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard was sold with the Apple IIGS computer; as such, it is often referred to as the Apple IIGS Keyboard.

The Apple IIGS and its keyboard were the first Apple products to have:



Made in Japan. Alps SKCM Orange and Salmon switches. Caps lock is Alps SKCL Lock; in one orange Alps version, this switch is cream.[1] The change to salmon Alps may coincide with the apparent discontinuation of orange Alps around 1991.

Most instances of these keyboards have a simple label, with part number 658-4081.[2] At some stage, the rear label was brought in line with the Taiwan-made version; these are labelled as model A9M0330 as per the SMK version.[3] It would appear that the keyboards with the new label are the ones with salmon Alps switches, but this is presently speculation.

The yellowing characteristics suggest ABS for the case and space bar, and a different material (e.g. PBT) for the remaining keys.[4]

Orange Alps

This is likely the earlier version from Alps, with a simple rear label and orange Alps switches.

Salmon Alps

There appears to be correspondence between the use of salmon Alps switches and the revised rear label that matches the label found on the SMK-made version.


Made in Taiwan, with white tactile SMK Alps mount switches.[5] The PCB has an SMK part number (2J-M9020-02B), and Apple's Technical Procedures refers to the switches as being SMK.[6] The SMK version has double-shot moulded keycaps, which are slightly darker in colour than the Alps version.

The example below is from ca. 1988, while MouseFan's example is from 1987.

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