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Apple Extended Keyboard
Apple M0115 top.jpg
Model no. M0115
Branding Apple
Manufacturer Alps Electric?
Layouts 105-key (ANSI) Macintosh
Keyswitches Alps SKCM Orange, Alps SKCM Salmon, Alps SKCL Lock
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface ADB
Years of production 1987–1990
Precedes Apple Extended Keyboard II
Price $229 USD (1987)

The Apple Extended Keyboard is a keyboard for vintage Apple Macintosh.

The keyboard was introduced with the Macintosh II and Macintosh SE, which did not come with a keyboard. Instead, buyers had the option of buying an Apple Standard Keyboard or the more expensive Extended keyboard with more keys. This is the first "full-size" keyboard from Apple, with inverted-T arrow keys and navigation cluster. It was succeeded by the Apple Extended Keyboard II in 1990.

Normal keys have either Alps SKCM Orange and Alps SKCM Salmon switches. The caps lock key has an Alps SKCL Lock switch. Like the other Apple keyboards from the same era, the keycaps are in Apple's special profile and with dye sublimated legends in italic type. There are bidirectional ADB ports under the top left and right corners of the keyboard.

Construction appears to be ABS for the case and space bar, and PBT for the remaining keycaps.


Switch variations: Alps SKCM Orange and Salmon switches. Both types are undamped tactile switches. Two different space bar stabilisers have been spotted.

"M0115B" with same layout but different '3' key and rear label. The '3' key has the GBP symbol instead of # and the rear label says "Assembled in Ireland".

"M0115J" with same layout but Japanese legends exists.


SKCM Orange

SKCM Salmon

M0115B - UK Model

M0115D - German Model

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