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Apple ][, Apple ][ Plus and Apple ][ Europlus (hereafter "II" for readability) are microcomputers from Apple.

Apple II/II Plus/II Europlus keyboards
Manufacturer Datanetics
Alps Electric
The Keyboard Company
Layouts Proprietary
Keyswitches Datanetics DC-50 series
Alps SKCC series
ITT snap-action array
Interface Proprietary
Introduced 1977–1982
Precedes Apple IIe


The known keyboard types are listed below.


The original keyboard followed on from Datanetics keyboards made for the Apple 1, using Datanetics DC-50 series switches.[1] Datanetics keyboards were used in the II and II Plus. The keyboard part number is 606-0117.

These use DC-51-31 for most keys, and a single DC-51-35 switch somewhere, most likely for space bar. The reset switch is has a 9 oz spring and appears to be a custom part with no Datanetics part number. The reset indicator is an immovable switch of part DC-51-90, and bears an incandescent lamp under first a standard Datanetics spherical illuminated keycap, and later a flat keycap.


Apple's Level II Service Reference Manual refers to these keyboards as "Apple II Switchable Keyboard", and they use KBB-series switches. Pictures of these computes show Alps SKCC Series, so the reason for "KBB" is not known; "SKCC" has been repeatedly demonstrated in known part numbers. The keyboard is illustrated in the service manual but the switches are too poorly reproduced to make out. The keystem height adapters are 0° or 12° degrees depending on whether sculptured or "low profile" keycaps were used; the model with "low profile" keycaps is part 606-0118, and the model with sculptured keycaps is part 606-0650 (one higher than that of the RFI-compliant keyboard below).

The keycaps were sourced from B&M.


ITT snap-action array was selected to provide an RFI-compliant keyboard. These keyboards were sourced from the The Keyboard Company. The Level II Service Reference Manual refers to this module as the "Contact Array Keyboard". The version with sculptured keycaps is part 606-0649.

Blue PCB example

This keyboard is damaged. Most noticeably, one of the mounting bars has been snapped off. There is also a missing key position as well as dislodged leaf springs.

Cream PCB example

This keyboard is stamped "TKC", indicating that it was manufactured by The Keyboard Company. The Keyboard Company became the Apple Accessory Products Division (APD), and this model of keyboard has also been found with "APD" production labels on it.[2]

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