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Apple IIc is a family of microcomputers from Apple.

Apple IIc keyboards
Manufacturer Unknown
Alps Electric
Layouts Proprietary
Keyswitches Apple hairpin spring
Alps SKFL Lock
Alps SKCM Orange
Alps SKCL Lock
Interface Proprietary
Introduced 1984–1990


At least two keyboards have been found to date.[1] The original keyboards used Apple hairpin spring switches and were made by an unknown OEM; these were followed by a keyboard made by Alps Electric.

Type 1

The first keyboard, with Apple part number 661-91191, was sold from April 1984 to August 1986; the manufacturer of this keyboard is unknown; Apple described this as "Keyboard, Apple IIc" in the Apple Service Programs Manual, with no named OEM, as opposed to "Keyboard, Alps, Apple IIc" for the later Alps-made IIc keyboard.

Some PCBs are labelled "Photocircuits Atlanta" but it is likely that Photocircuits Corporation was only one of at least two PCB manufacturers selected by the OEM. At least one of the PCBs lacking top branding has a logo on the trace side, which is partially obscured in photo below. A label reading "HASCO" appears on one such keyboard, but this cannot presently be traced to anyone in particular.

These keyboards use Apple hairpin spring switches for normal keys. The keyboard also has three latching switches: caps lock at the bottom left, and 80/40 and keyboard at the top left. Caps lock uses an Alps SKFL Lock switch; the other two latching keys can be either SKFL Lock or USw LZQW01.

These keyboards use a plastic girder under the PCB instead of a metal mounting plate above the PCB.

Type 1.A

Photocircuits Atlanta PCB, with Alps SKFL switches.[2] The PCB is marked "©1983".

Type 1.B

Photocircuits Atlanta PCB, with USw LZQW01 latching switches.

Type 1.C

PCB of unknown manufacturer, with SKFL Lock switches.

Type 1.D

PCB of unknown manufacturer, marked "©1983"; this has USw LZQW01 switches.

Type 2

This was sold from September 1986 to August 1988 when Apple switched to Alps as a manufacturer. Normal keys use Alps SKCM Amber and latching keys use Alps SKCL Lock. The keyboard identifying code is 12KC538A.

The beige version is Apple part 661-0294, and the Platinum version is Apple part 661-0361.

Apple IIc Plus

Apple part 661-0419, with Alps SKCM Orange switches.[1]

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