Apple Keyboard II

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Apple Keyboard II
Apple Keyboard II Mitsumi.jpg
Model no. M0487
Branding Apple
Manufacturer Mitsumi; SMK
Keyswitches Tactile Mitsumi KPQ Type
SMK spring over membrane
SMK Alps mount (caps lock)
Keycaps Pad-printed cylindrical
Interface ADB
Introduced 1990
Supersedes Apple Standard Keyboard

The Apple Keyboard II, family number M0487, is a low-cost keyboard from Apple, supplied with the Macintosh Classic and Macintosh LC.


The Apple Keyboard II features two bidirectional ADB ports that function either as upstream (to connect to the computer or another ADB device higher up the chain) or downstream (for connecting the mouse or downstream peripherals). The cable is detachable and connects to either ADB port, with the mouse normally connected to the other port. Right-handed people would typically use the right-hand ADB port for the mouse, and left-handed people would use the port on the left; the other port is used for the keyboard cable.

The caps lock key uses a latching action switch.

The keycaps are pad printed, and have Apple's typical bottom-left legends with italic type.



The Mitsumi variant uses sliders with conductive rubber feet, that make contact with a single-layer membrane. Above the plastic key plate, rubber cups are placed to provide the return spring function and tactility. The caps lock key uses a Mitsumi membrane lock switch.

The example below has a manufacture date of 1991-05-24.


The SMK variant uses SMK spring over membrane, with Alps-mount sliders.[1]

The caps lock switch is SMK Alps mount lock. This single discrete switch is soldered to its own PCB and connected to the controller via flying leads.

The guide plate appears to be produced flat and then folded into shape; with very little effort, the segments for each row of keys can be snapped off.


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