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Macintosh Keyboard
Apple M0110 top view.jpg
Part number Apple M0110
Manufacturer Apple Computer, Inc
Keyswitches Alps SKCC series, Alps SKCC Lock
Interface Apple proprietary (not ADB)
Years of production 1984–1986
Precedes Apple M0110A

The Apple M0110 is the keyboard that came with the original Macintosh.


The keyboard did not have cursor keys. Steve Jobs purposely had left them out of the original Macintosh keyboard to encourage software developers to make software with mouse control. Following Jobs's departure, Apple released the Macintosh Plus with the Apple M0110A keyboard which does have cursor keys.

The keyboard uses Alps SKCC series switches.[1] The switches are typically, if not always, cream. Caps lock uses a latching variant of the switch with a shorter slider; the keycap contains a raised stem to compensate.[1]

4P4C connectors are used, but the cable is not compatible with a telephone handset cord.

A numeric keypad, the M0120, was released separately.


Apple M0110

Apple M0110 F


The M0110 can be used with a modern computer, using:

  • Hasu's M0110 to USB converter


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