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Magic Keyboard
Model no. A1644 MLA22LL/A (compact silver/white),
A1843 MQ052LL/A (full-size silver/white),
A1843 MRMH2LL/A (full-size grey/black)
Branding Apple
Keyswitches Scissor switch/Rubber dome
Keycaps Laser-etched chiclet
Interface Bluetooth, Apple Lightning (USB)
Dimensions 279×115×109 mm (compact), 419×115×109 mm (full-size)
Weight 231g (compact), 390 (full-size)
Introduced 2015 (compact), 2017 (full size)
Price $99 (compact), $129 (full size)
Battery 2.98 Wh Li-Ion (compact)

The Apple Magic Keyboard is the current keyboard line sold with new desktop Apple Macintosh computers. They are also available separately.


Unlike its predecessors (the Apple Aluminium Keyboard) it uses a fixed rechargeable battery. This is difficult to replace but allows the keyboard to have a flatter profile. The left and right cursor keys and the keys on the function-key row are not halved in height. The keys are also slightly larger in size - which is well known to cause more typing errors.

The rubber dome/scissor switches have very little key travel (less than its predecessor) but not as little as the "butterfly" switches found in contemporary Apple laptops.

The keyboard uses Bluetooth and pairs automatically to a Macintosh when connected via the charging cable - which requires the use of MacOS X 10.11 "El Capitan" or higher. The cable is only for charging and pairing - there is no USB hub.

"Magic Keyboard"

A compact variety, without numeric keypad. Successor to the aluminium "Apple Wireless Keyboard". Only in silver/white. Shipped with iMac.

Rumour has it that some symbols were changed from June 5 2017 onwards.

"Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad"

The full-size varities are wireless, unlike the previous full-size Apple Aluminium Keyboard which had been wired only.

The silver/white introduced in June 2017, available only separately. A "Space Gray" variant with black keys was introduced with the iMac Pro in Dec 2017, and has been available separately since March 2018.

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