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Apple Pro Keyboard
Model no. M7803
Branding Apple
Manufacturer Mitsumi Electric
Features 2-port USB hub
Layouts ANSI, ISO, JIS
Keyswitches Rubber dome, possibly Mitsumi KEK Type
Interface USB
Years of production 2000-2003
Precedes Apple A1048
Supersedes Apple USB Keyboard (M2452)

The Apple Pro Keyboard (M7803) reintroduced the "extended" layout with full-size function and cursor keys, and nav cluster to Apple Macintosh keyboards. The function row was extended with F13 to F15 above the nav cluster (like on the Apple Extended Keyboard). The power button was removed.


The case is made from clear transparent plastic. The keys are rubber dome on curved metal backplate. The function-key row is distinguished from the numeric row by a change in key profile which introduces a larger gap between them.


The original is transparent with translucent black keys. A version with opaque white keys was introduced in 2002.

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