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Apple USB Keyboard
Model no. M2452
Branding Apple
Manufacturer Alps, Mitsumi
Features 2-port USB hub
Keyswitches Alps membrane dome
Mitsumi KEK Type?
Interface USB
Years of production 1998 - 2000
Precedes Apple Pro Keyboard
Supersedes AppleDesign Keyboard

Apple USB Keyboard was Apple's first USB keyboard, introduced in 1998 with the first iMac desktop Macintosh.

It was the first desktop keyboard from Apple with half-size inverse-T cursor keys and with homing bumps on the F and J keys (instead of D and K), following the PowerBook G3 "Wallstreet" laptop that had been released in May the same year. It was Apple's last desktop keyboard with a Power button.

There are Help, Home and Page Up/Down keys above the numeric keypad. There is, however, no Eject key, as the iMacs it came bundled with had an Eject button on the optical drive.


A version made by Alps is confirmed.[1] The membrane code is 54AAA0254A.[2]

There is also a version that appears to be Mitsumi KEK Type.[3]

Both versions are rubber dome over membrane.

Logitech has also been rumoured to be a manufacturer of a variation.


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