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The name Apple Wireless Keyboard has traditionally been given to the latest, current wireless keyboard for Macintosh computers. All models have used Bluetooth.

  • The Apple A1016, a wireless variant of the Apple A1048. Released in 2003.
  • A1255 compact aluminium chiclet keyboard, taking three AA batteries. Released in 2007.
  • A1314 MC184LL/A compact aluminium chiclet keyboard, taking two AA batteries. Released in October 2009.
  • A1314 MC184LL/B, with slightly different markings on the function keys for different MacOS features, released in July 2011.

The last "Apple Wireless Keyboard" was replaced as the standard keyboard by the Apple Magic Keyboard in October 2015. It is likely that all future Apple keyboard models will be wireless, thus making this moniker superfluous.

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