Aristotle Cherry MX clone

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Aristotle Cherry MX clone TWB Type 6AB.jpg
Manufacturer Aristotle
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount Plate mount

The Aristotle switch is a Cherry MX clone switch formerly manufactured by Aristotle. These switches are no longer in production. The switch corresponds to TWB Type 6. This is the type found in Chicony keyboards and therefore the only version confirmed to have been manufactured by Aristotle (since the identity of the manufacturer was provided by Chicony). The similarities with the other TWB switches suggests that they were all manufactured by Aristotle; Aristotle were only able to comment that the switches are no longer in production. The most distinguishing characteristic of the TWB 6 type is the front slot, which is inside a small shelf near the top of the fully sloped front. Other Taiwan white and black shaft designs have a fully cut-away front similar to a genuine Cherry MX switch.


The switch's stem and spring are compatible with Cherry MX [1], Gateron KS-3 series housings. The stem won't fit in a Fosen Aquamarine housing though. The pins will fit any MX-style Switch's PCB. The switch is clicky, and has the same clouded white slider colour as the Cherry MX Clear switch.[2] The contacts use standard raised nubs instead of gold crosspoints.





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