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Atari 800 is a family of computers from Atari. Atari 800 and 800XL computers shipped with variety of mechanical and membrane keyboards throughout the product range's lifetime.



Examples found to date:


This list is based on a topic at the AtariAge Forums, and is not exhaustive. At least one switch depicted is not recognisable from the angle presented.


Atari 800 Mitsumi keyboard

This keyboard is unusual in having two membrane sheets over a PCB, instead of the usual one or three. Additionally, the sliders are cruciform mount instead of the standard negative square Mitsumi mount.

The four keys on the right of the keyboard use switches attached to the power board. In the example below, these appear to be Stackpole discrete switches: the position of the locating peg and the terminals is correct. These four keys can also use a presently unrecognised switch type, found in a keyboard with a Stackpole keyboard assembly.[1]


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