Avid Mechanical User Interface

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Avid Mechanical User Interface
Branding Avid
Manufacturer Cherry?
Layouts Proprietary
Keyswitches Cherry M8
Switch mount PCB mount
Interface ADB
Years of production 1992

The Avid Mechanical User Interface (MUI) is an Apple Desktop Bus keyboard and shuttle that was used for video editing in the 90s. Avid did not have much success with the product, discontinuing it and focusing on other products. The MUI is a three part set including the ADB interface device, a 12-key keyboard, and shuttle (which works similarly to a jog wheel). The MUI is filed under US Patent 5583496[1].

ADB Interface

The ADB interface device uses the Apple Desktop Bus to connect to a Mac. It requires an external power source although it is unknown how much power is required. It is also currently unknown whether the keyboard can be used with an ADB-USB converter.


The shuttle allows the user to change the frame that they are currently working on by moving the slide from one side to the other. It connects to the ADB interface with a mini-DIN-4 cable.


Patent Image

The keyboard consists of 12 Cherry M8 switches with black and purple keys[2]. Each key corresponds to a particular video editing command, such as play, pause, forward, back, etc. The keyboard slides onto the shuttle so that you can use both without needing to take up space or remove your hands from the keyboard. The keyboard uses a mini-DIN-7 cable which plugs into the ADB interface device. The keyboard has colloquially been called the "Lunar Board" by some, due to it's crescent-like shape.


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