BAT Keyboard

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BAT Keyboard
BAT AT-ADB left hand front-side.jpg
Manufacturer Infogrip
Layouts Custom
Keyswitches Modified Cherry MX
Interface Early versions: RS232 and LPT, later versions: AT and ADB, current version: USB.
Price 199 USD (current USB model)[1]

The Infogrip BAT Keyboard is a chorded keyboard by Infogrip. Characters can be entered by pressing a combination or a sequence of combinations of the seven keys.


Early versions connected to a computer by a serial interface (RS232).[2] Special software had to be run in order to use the keyboard. In 1994, the keyboard was fitted with both an AT and an ADB connector; no special drivers were necessary for it to operate.[3] The current (as of Nov-2013) version of the BAT keyboard has an USB interface. All versions were/are available as a left-hand version and a right-hand version.


Characters are entered by pressing and releasing a combination of its seven keys: four finger keys and three thumb keys. Ordinary letters can be entered by combinations of the four finger keys and the central, grey thumb key. E.g. pressing those five keys at once and releasing them sends the character 'o'. The remaining two thumb buttons, red and blue colored, enable entering numbers, interpunction, function keys and modifiers like shift, alt and control. Usually, modifiers are entered using the sticky key principle: for instance, once the shift command is given (blue thumb key pressed and released), the next character will end up as the shifted version. The BAT keyboard can be configured by software. Additional chords as well as macros can be created .

Chord scheme for Windows PCs of the AT/ADB version of the BAT keyboard


The BAT keyboard is equipped with modified Cherry MX Black switches whose springs have been replaced for a much lighter version. The actuation force is even lower than that of Cherry MX Red switches.


The name stems from the city in which Infogrip was founded: Baton Rouge, LA.

Gallery of the AT/ADB model (left hand)


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