BTC 5060

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BTC 5060
Model no. BTC-5060
Branding BTC
Manufacturer BTC
Layouts 84-key AT
Keyswitches BTC foam and foil
Interface AT
Years of production 1986-1987[Citation needed]

BTC-5060 is an 84-key AT clone with linear BTC foam and foil switches.


The BTC-5060 is a clone of the IBM Personal Computer AT keyboard keyboard. The upper portion of the case is injection molded with brass threaded inserts. The rear cover is plated steel with a black, textured, painted finish. The two-position feet consist of metal loops that lock into indentations in a plastic mounting block. The foam and foil switches are mounted in steel cadmium plated steel. The top surface is painted black. The large key stabilizers are attached to the underside of the plate. The space bar stabilizer uses a plastic bar instead of a metal wire. The single-sided PCB has a set of rectangular capacitive pads for each switch. The switches consist of 3 components: housing, plunger and return spring. The plunger is made of a slightly pink plastic. A foam disc is attached to the plunger with adhesive. The foam pad has a film of foil attached to the PCB facing side.