Basis 108

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Basis 108 keyboard
Basis 108 full computer.jpg
Model no. Basis 108
Branding Basis
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts Basis 108–specific
Keyswitches Cherry M8
Keycaps Double-shot spherical
Interface Proprietary
Rollover NKRO

This is the Basis 108 complete with keyboard consisting of Cherry M8 key switches. The Basis 108 was an Apple II clone computer from West Germany; it ran CP/M, and had both a 6502 CPU (for Apple software) and a Z80 CPU (for CP/M). It is a beast of a machine with solid cast aluminum case.

The keyboard is Cherry article number U01-0114, with uncovered Cherry M8 low profile switches. The keyboard has three varieties of uncovered M8 switch: typical, used for 1 unit keys; black SPST-only, used for the non-stabilised wider keys; and an LED switch for Caps Lock (with circular LED recess and shell clearance). Each switch has a diode, to provide N-key rollover.



Full computer