Belkin F5U119

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Belkin F5U119
Belkin F5U119vE1 PS2 to USB converter.jpg
Manufacturer Belkin
Product type Commercial
Form factor External
Protocols in PS/2 keyboard and mouse
Protocols out USB

The Belkin USB Dual PS/2 Adapter is a series of PS/2 to USB converters (not adapters, despite the name) with a connector each for a PS/2 mouse and keyboard. Belkin have produced a number of models within this series using different controllers; all models start with F5U119. This converter series is notorious for using controllers that periodically reset: the keyboard will cease responding, followed by the lock LEDs blinking as the controller resets.

Unfortunately PS/2 to USB conversion is not perfect (trying another type of converter often resolves issues), but some Belkin models work better than others.

Better models Worse models Unclassified
  • F5U119-E (Cypress)
  • F5U119vE1
  • F5U119eaE
  • F5U119cpE
  • F5U119v
  • F5U119vE