Bigkeys LX

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Bigkeys LX
Bigkeys LX-layout.jpg
Model no. BIGKEYS LX
Branding Greystone Digital
Product family BigKeys
Keyswitches Alps SKBM White
Interface PS/2 (older), USB (newer)
Price $159 (QWERTY), $179 (ABC)

The BigKeys LX is a keyboard created by Greystone Digital, Inc. aimed at low-vision users and industrial environments. The main selling point is the size of the keycaps, being 1 inch (2.54 cm) squared. The keyboard is available with black, white, yellow, or multicolored keycaps. The layout is typically QWERTY, with an ABC option costing an extra 20 dollars. Some models had a switch to toggle between QWERTY and ABC layouts.


The BigKeys LX has been confirmed to come with at least one type of switch, Alps SKBM White. The keyboard is still being sold after production of SKBM switches ended in 2011, and it is currently unconfirmed which switches are currently being used. The manufacturer lists the switches as rated for ten million keystrokes.