Bloody LK Optic

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Bloody LK Optic
Switch type Linear
Sense method Optoelectronic
Pretravel 1.5 mm
Total travel 3 mm

LK Optic (Chinese: LK光轴) is an infrared optical switch from Bloody. The design is based on Kaihua PG1511 series, with the metal contacts replaced with an infrared emitter and detector. The slider includes a shutter that blocks the light reaching the detector until the key is pressed. "LK Optic" is also used to refer to the more complex Bloody LK Optic 2 switch.

"Key response" is given as 0.2 ms, citing an 18–30 ms "delay" due to contact bounce in metal contact switches. Contact bounce is typically given by manufacturers as 5 ms maximum, and it is not clear where the 18–30 ms comes from.

The OEM is not known. Bloody's diagrams depict the shell as looking like a PG1511 series switch, and such a switch is used in a comparison photo, but no evidence appears to exist to tie the two companies together.

It is likely that the switches accept Cherry MX mount keycaps, but this is not confirmed.

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