Brain KB-9001S

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Brain KB-9001S
Brain KB-9001S -- top.jpg
FCC ID ISNJK-168 (1990)
ISNJK-268 (1990)
Manufacturer Brain Technology
Layouts Asian 102
Keyswitches TEC switch

Brain KB-9001S (possibly KB-9001 S) is a keyboard with TEC switches.


The label reports the FCC ID as "ISNJK-168/268/RB88". This is in fact a combination of two listed IDs (ISNJK-168 and ISNJK-268, both with a final action date of November 1990) plus one unlisted ID of ISNJK-RB88.

A combination of white and yellow TEC switches are used; yellow appears to be a heavier switch, as it is used for space and enter.


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