Brother dome and foil

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Brother dome and foil
Manufacturer Brother
Switch type Tactile
Sense method Capacitive
Keycap mount Custom cylindrical

Brother dome and foil is a capacitive dome with slider switch believed to have been manufactured by Brother since at least the early 1980s, with a patent being filed in 1974.[1] It is a capacitive counterpart to Brother conductive dome and Brother membrane dome with slider, which shared the same keycap mount.

Many aspects of the switch are often compared with the Topre switch, earning it the common nickname "Prototopre". It is a capacitive rubber dome design, but uses a piece of foil attached to the underside of the domes, rather than Topre's separate conical spring. The feel is compared as well, although this switch has a shorter travel and much softer bottom out than Topre switches. Even the proprietary cylindrical keycap mounts are considered to be very similar. They may or may not be partially compatible.