Bull 115ST

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Bull 115ST
Part number 60164180-001 Rev J
Branding Bull
Manufacturer Honeywell
Keyswitches Micro Switch ST
Interface DIN 5-180
Weight 2.3 kg

The Bull 115ST is a part of the ST series of keyboards manufactured by Honeywell using the ST slider over membrane switch. The 115 in the model number refers to the number of keys. The ST line also includes 83, 101 and 122 key variants.


The Bull 115ST uses two variants of the Micro Switch ST key switch, black and tan. Both use use rubber domes. The black variant is used for all switches that register a keypress. The tan is only used for the space bar. The space bar has two switches, one black and one tan; one at each end. The black switch registers the keypress. The tan seems to be there for balance. Interestingly, the dome of the tan switch is composed of brown colored rubber as compared to the black for the black switches. The two feel very similar.