CM Storm QuickFire TK

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Cooler Master QuickFire TK
CM QFTK front.jpeg
Branding CM Storm QuickFire TK
Manufacturer Cooler Master
Product family CM Storm QuickFire
Features Backlighting, detachable braided cable, Windows key Lock gaming mode, media keys, keypuller
Layouts ANSI, ISO Spanish, UK, German, Nordic and others
Keyswitches Cherry MX switches: red, brown, green, blue
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface USB
Dimensions 377.5 x 138 x 33 mm /
14.9 x 5.4 x 1.3 inches
Weight 800 g / 1.76 lbs
Precedes Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro M
Price $80–130


The CM Storm QuickFire TK is a backlit, compact size keyboard with integrated numeric keypad ("ten-key"). It is produced by Cooler Master's peripheral division CM Storm and is a part of their "QuickFire" line of mechanical keyboards.

There is a side-printed variant called the CM Storm QuickFire TK Stealth.


The CM Storm QuickFire TK overlays inverse-T cursor keys with a numeric keypad that can be swapped with a press of a button.

It has n-key rollover over USB through the use of a scheme that is known to not work with MacOS X.

It is rumoured to have been based on the Plum 96. That keyboard has a similar but not exact layout, and a similar scheme for achieving n-key rollover.


The bottom surface has three channels for cable management (back, left and right).

The CM Storm QuickFire TK comes standard with a braided, detachable, USB-to-mini-USB cable (1.8 m / 71 inches long) with gold-plated connectors. The polling rate is 1000 Hz / 1 ms. The bottom has rear rubberized standoffs and four rubber feet.

The keycaps are made of black ABS plastic which are "grip" and UV coated, and with a futuristic font used for the keycaps' legends. The backlight is regulated/accessed via the Fn+F1 through F4 keys. To turn the backlight ON or OFF use Fn+F1.

The basic media keys (volume-up, down, mute, play/pause, forward, back and media stop), are activated as secondary funtions (Fn) on the top row (F5 to F11).

For gamers, the TK has a Win disable/lock key (Fn+F12). This "lock" prevents accidental activation of the Win key when gaming (which would take you out to the Windows menu in the middle of a game).

Known part numbers

Model (part) number Switch type Case colour LED colour
SGK-4020-GKCL1 Cherry MX Blue Black blue LED
SGK-4020-GKCR1 Cherry MX Red Black red LED
SGK-4020-GKCM3 Cherry MX Brown Black white LED
SGK-4020-GKCG1 Cherry MX Green Black green LED
SGK-4020-GKCM2 Cherry MX Brown White white LED
SGK-4020-GKCR2 Cherry MX Red White red LED
SGK-4021-GKCL1 ("Stealth") Cherry MX Blue Black white LED
SGK-4021-GKCM1 ("Stealth") Cherry MX Brown Black white LED
SGK-4021-GKCR1 ("Stealth") Cherry MX Red Black white LED


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