CM Storm QuickFire XT

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Cooler Master QuickFire XT
CM Storm QuickFire XT.jpeg
Branding CM Storm QuickFire XT
Manufacturer Cooler Master
Product family CM Storm QuickFire
Features Detachable braided cable, Windows Lock gaming mode, media keys, keypuller
Layouts ANSI, ISO Spanish, UK, German, Nordic and others
Keyswitches Cherry MX switches: red, brown, green, blue
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface USB
Dimensions 440 x 132 x 29 mm
Weight 1100 g
Precedes Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L


The CM Storm QuickFire XT is a full size keyboard with integrated numpad and that is produced by Cooler Master's peripheral division CM Storm and is a part of their "QuickFire" line of mechanical keyboards.


The CM Storm QuickFire XT has inverse-T cursor keys and a numeric keypad.

It has n-key rollover over PS/2 and 6-key rollover over USB.


Included accessories

The CM Storm QuickFire XT comes standard with a braided, detachable, USB-to-USB cable (1.8 m / 71 inches long) with gold-plated connectors. The polling rate is 1000 Hz / 1 ms. The bottom has rear standoffs and four rubber feets.

The keycaps are made of black ABS plastic which are "grip" and UV coated, and with a futuristic font used for the keycaps' legends.

The basic media keys (volume-up, down, mute, play/pause, forward, back and media stop), are activated as secondary functions (Fn) on the top row (F5 to F12). It also has an option to select repeat rate (x1, x2, x4 and x8) via Fn and the top row of numpad

For gamers, the XT has a Win disable/lock key (Fn+F9). This "lock" prevents accidental activation of the Win key when gaming (which would take you out to the Windows menu in the middle of a game).

The keyboard comes with four spare red keycaps (with side printed WASD and top printed arrows), two keycaps with "Cooler Master" and "CM Storm" logos, a O-ring and a USB to PS/2 adapter.


There is a custom controller made for this keyboard, that enables keyboard to be programmable - The Ghost Squid.


Required tools

  • Metal spudger (case separator), sharp slotted screwdriver, credit card or butter knife
  • Phillips (cross-point) screwdriver
  • Keycap puller


  1. Take off the keycaps. (Though it's not necessary)
  2. Turn the keyboard face down on a non-scratchy surface!
  3. Take a screwdriver and destroy the warranty invalidation sticker. (Maybe it's obvious, but this also voids your warranty.)
  4. Remove the three screws with a cross point screwdriver (two screws are hidden behind the standoffs).
  5. Stick your 'case separator' around the top edge (the side on which USB port it) and unhook up all the tabs on this side.
  6. Unhook all the tabs on the other side, there's not a lot of room to even put a credit card between the parts, so my advice is to use your fingernail first, than insert your credit card.
  7. Take off the plastic back and front shield.

Model (part) numbers

Model (part) number Switch
SGK-4030-GKCL1 Cherry MX Blue
SGK-4030-GKCR1 Cherry MX Red
SGK-4030-GKCM1 Cherry MX Brown
SGK-4030-GKCG1 Cherry MX Green

There are also UK versions with ISO layout[1]

QuickFire XTi

There is a version with blue/red backlighting called the "Quick Fire XTi". The LEDs can produce up to 35 colors per key. It also features 3-way cable management, firmware updates, macros and profile support which are missing in the original XT.

Model (part) numbers for XTi:

Model (part) number Switch
SGK-4060-KKCL1 Cherry MX Blue
SGK-4060-KKCM1 Cherry MX Brown
SGK-4060-KKCR1 Cherry MX Red


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