Canon Cat

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Canon Cat
Canon Cat front profile.jpg
Model no. Canon Cat
Branding Canon Cat
Manufacturer Canon
Layouts Canon Cat specific
Keyswitches SMK inverse cross mount
Interface proprietary

The Canon Cat was developed by Jef Raskin, of Apple Macintosh fame. While the Canon Cat is a more powerful word processor than most, it’s most exciting characteristic is the utilization of a new (for the time) user interface known as the Humane Interface [1]. Because this word processing system didn't have a mouse, it used a unique Leap function which would allow you to leap forward or back (the two keys used below the space bar). This is the Canon Cat with keyboard consisting of SMK inverse cross mount key switches.

Wikipedia has a very good page on the Canon Cat [2]. Below are some pics of the keyboard with SMK inverse cross mount key switches. The (Caps) Lock key has purple marker on the rim yet is not unique because it doesn't lock. It does, however have an LED.


Pictures of the Canon Cat and keyboard.


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