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The Cherry Terminal keyboards are layout clones of the IBM 122 key Terminal keyboards.

The keyboards


G80-0528HAU for NCR



G80-2510 HAD for Schneider


How to open (G80-2100/25xx)

This covers the Cherry G80-2100, G80-2510, G80-2550 and G80-2551.

Opening the big Cherry terminal keyboards is quite simple and does not require high forces.

  • Turn the keyboard face down (see picture). Make sure it lies on a smooth surface, such that the keycaps and case do not get scratched.
G80-2510: bottom with markings in which direction to push the clips open. Start with 1, 2, A and B, and work to the right, oscillating beween numbers and letters.
  • If the keyboard is placed as shown in the picture above, the thick side with the clips (marked in orange) must be clicked open with a large screwdriver. Please cover the screwdriver with some isolation tape to make sure nothing gets scratched!
  • Start with the first 2 clips (marked in orange with 1 and 2). Make sure both hold open until you click the center clips from left to right (marked in red, A and B).
  • Click the clips open, one by one such that you click some of the center clips and then one or 2 of the top clips open.
  • Be careful! The cover is still fixed to the bottom shell with 5 front clips which can't be clicked open!
  • Hold the keyboard gently and turn it around, such that the keyboard lies in front of you as if you would type on it.
  • Now lift the back of the upper cover by around 30 to 45 degrees. But gently! Because, if you force it, the front clips might break. Just turn it up and down, each time a little further. By doing so, the cover comes loose from the bottom shell.
  • You can not lift the cover up! The PF1 to PF24 keys are fixed to the upper shell with 4 screws and the PCB is connected with the main keyboard PCB by a ribbon cable.
  • Turn around the upper shell as shown in the picture below.
G80-2100 opened up.
  • Now, you can loosen the 4 screws with which the plate mounted PF1-PF24 keys are fixed to the upper shell.

Your Cherry terminal keyboard is now successfully disassembled!

How to close

Hook in the front clips at an angle of around 45 degrees and then shut it close. It is a bit tricky, but the only way to do it. It is not possible to close it by hooking in the rear first!

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