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Keyboards and other products can be certified with a surprisingly large number of standards and testing agencies around the world. Certification marks found on input devices are listed below. This list is not exhaustive.

The images are presented in the monochrome ink or injection-moulded solid fill form in which they appear on keyboards.

Marks Agency/Standard Country Notes
RCM mark.svg ACMA Regulatory Compliance Mark Australia
BSMI mark.svg Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) Taiwan
CSA mark.svg Canadian Standards Association Canada, USA
C-Tick mark.svg C-Tick Australia
CE mark.svg CE marking (unofficially "Conformité Européenne") EU
DGT mark.svg 台灣交通部電信總局DGT認證 Taiwan Translates to something like "Taiwan Ministry of Communications General Directorate of Telecommunications (DGT) certification" — this may be an obsolete certification, but it was found alongside the BSMI mark (also Taiwan) on a 2003 Logitech Cordless Keyboard (Y-RJ20)
EAC mark.svg EurAsian Conformity Mark Eurasian Customs Union Replaces the GOST R mark below
EFUP 10 mark.svg Environment Friendly Use Period of 10 years (China RoHS) China The Environment Friendly Use Period (EFUP) is the period of time in years before any restricted substances are likely to leak out; possible periods include 5, 7, 10, 25 and 50 years, with 10 being the period typically found on electrical goods. A circled letter "e" indicates that the product contains less than the maximum concentration value of all six of China's restricted hazardous substances.
FCC mark (older).svg FCC Declaration of Conformity USA Old mark
FCC mark (new).svg FCC Declaration of Conformity USA New mark
GS mark.svg GS mark (geprüfte Sicherheit) Germany Geprüfte Sicherheit certification will be carried out by an organisation such as TÜV Rheinland, TÜV SÜD or (particularly with Cherry) VDE, and the relevant organisation logo will typically appear to its left
GOST R mark.svg GOST R Russia Largely obsolete; replaced with the EurAsian Conformity Mark above
KCC mark.svg Korea Communications Commission South Korea
KC mark.svg Korea Certification South Korea With Dell keyboards, the manufacturer details are sometimes recorded on the rear label or box.
MIC mark.svg Ministry of Information and Communication South Korea Defunct; replaced with the Korea Communications Commission
NOM mark.svg Norma Oficial Mexicana Mexico Mexican official standards
NYCE mark.svg NYCE (Normalización y Certificación NYCE, S.C.) Mexico Generally accompanies the Mexican NOM mark
AAA mark.svg Serbian Conformity Mark Serbia Apparently equivalent to the CE mark
TÜV mark.svg TÜV Mark, TÜV Rheinland Germany The design varies greatly, and occasionally the name of TÜV Rheinland is omitted, leaving only the triangle. With keyboards, this is typically used to indicate the organisation responsible for GS certification.
TÜV SÜD mark.svg TÜV SÜD mark Germany The design varies; officially the image is in full colour and annotated, but the example at left is how it appears in single-ink printing on a Dell L100 keyboard.
UkrSEPRO mark 2.svg UkrSEPRO Ukraine
UL mark.svg UL USA, Canada This may be accompanied by a UL File Number identifying the manufacturer.
RU mark.svg UL Recognized Component USA, Canada This may be accompanied by a UL File Number identifying the manufacturer.
VCCI mark.svg VCCI Japan
VDE mark.svg VDE Mark Germany? Not clear what their jurisdiction is, but the organisation is German