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Strong Man kids keyboard
Model no. SMK-KID KEY BOARD[1]
FCC ID KM9-2S8M9BSMK[1] (1994)
KM988KKB8851 (unlisted)
Branding Various
Manufacturer Strong Man
Product family Strong Man SMK-8851 compact
Keyswitches Type T1

Strong Man kids keyboard is a widely-known dinosaur-shaped child's keyboard from Strong Man, sold under a number of brands.


The kids keyboard is a standard Strong Man SMK-8851 compact chassis fitted into a custom case. Both PC and Macintosh versions manufactured. The keyboard is green, with pastel shade keycaps in a variety of colours; a matching mouse is included in the package.[2]

The product name is unclear. Strong Man referred to the Mac version as the "SMK-KIDS Board".[3] Their PC keyboards page appeared to refer to it as "Next generation young Keyboard", but the Wayback Machine did not preserve the accompanying photograph.[4]

The keyboard has been confirmed to have Type T1 switches in at least one instance.[1] Strong Man themselves described the switches of the unconfirmed PC version as "Advanced mechanical Key Switch", on a page that referred to other switches as "Japan Alps Mechanical Tactile". Based on attempts to translate's write-up, and judging by photos of KB-8851, it may also use Type T5 switches.


Filco SMK-8851 DINOかいじゅう

The Filco version, "Dino Kaiju" (Dino Monster) offered DOS/V compatibility in the PC version.[5] The box is labelled SMK-8851.[2]

Sicon SMK-102 dinokidz

Model SMK-102 version 1.0 from Sicon International Inc, with "dinokidz" logo. Unidentified four-tab clone switches.

Channel Team CK-Kids

Model CK-Kids from Channel Team International Corporation, with uncertain switches.

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