Cherry B 65-1712

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Cherry B 65-1712
Cherry B 65-1712 full view.jpeg
Model no. B 65-1712
Part number 001-0516 REV B
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts 12 keys, numpad
Keyswitches Cherry M7
Interface Edge connector

The Cherry B 65-1712 is a keypad made by Cherry.


The Cherry B 65-1712 is a keypad made by Cherry[1], which features Cherry M7 switches, specifically Cherry M73-0120 switches. The keypad is featured in their 1982 catalogue on page 15.


The keycaps are made by Cherry and are double-shot, with the exception of the blank keys and the "0" key, which is engraved and infilled. The 1982 catalogue also states on page 21 that these keycaps are made from Tenite instead of ABS like other doubleshot keycaps usually are. The keycaps are not compatible to Cherry MX switches, since the keycap stem is too thick to fit into a Cherry MX housing, however the cross mount is compatible.


The following keypad has been modified by the addition of a veroboard of resistors as well as flying leads soldered to the switches; the original edge connector has been drilled through and made inaccessible.


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