Cherry G80-0418

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Cherry G80-0418
G80 0418 top.jpg
Manufacturer Cherry
Features plate mount
Keyswitches Cherry MX
Interface D-Sub 15 for Apple IIe computer
Years of production ~1984 - ~1987

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The Cherry G80-0418 is an Apple IIe compatible Cherry keyboard introduced in 1984. It was introduced together with the IBM compatible G80-0413.

This was one of the first keyboards to feature the well known linear Cherry MX Black switches instead of Cherry M7 / Cherry M9 switches. The Cherry MX Blacks are plate mounted. The space bar switch uses the still relatively unknown "Cherry MX Space Black" switch which is noticably heavier in keyweight than a Cherry MX Linear Grey but less so than a Cherry MX Super Black.

Both a caseless variant G80-0418 and the G80-0418H with a case exist.

The keycaps are ABS doubleshot but many alpha legends are not sharp and look pad printed. The brown modifier keycaps are a mix of thin and thick ABS doubleshots. It's most likely that this quality difference between the caps exists because the boards were made before Cherry acquired all their doubleshot molds.


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