Cherry G80-0528

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Cherry G80-0528
G80-0528 Nixdor top.JPG
Part number G80-0814H/15
Branding NCR, Nixdorf, Olympia
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts 116/117 US ASCII, German QWERTZ
Keyswitches Cherry MX Black
Keycaps Double-shot moulding
Interface AT / XT
Years of production 1986–1990


The G80-0528 is a 116/117-key AT/XT switchable keyboard produced by Cherry for NCR, Nixdorf and Olympia. It is unknown at this time if all three versions were AT/XT switchable, the switch is documented in the Olympia and Nixdorf branded G80-0528 at this time. The layout is reminiscent of the Cherry G80-2100 series without the raised case and function rows at the top common to 122-key.

The Cherry MX Black switches are PCB mounted. The PCB displays the usual "Cherry / Fuba" production marking of this era. The two Cherry labels on the Olympia branded G80-0528 PCB read:

  • Article Number: G80-0814H/15
  • Serial Number: 12161
  • Customer Number: H0150-STD1-11-17

The two Cherry labels on the Nixdorf branded G80-0528 PCB read:

  • Article Number: G80-0942H/11
  • Serial Number: 20557
  • Customer Number: H0150-STD1-11-17

The customer number is also present on the side of the case right above where the connector cable exits the case. A grey MX switch is used for the 10 unit spacebar. There is one center key mount and 2 additional stabiliser mounts, 3.5 units left and right of the center. The keyboard uses Cherry doubleshots with a slightly darker grey than regular Cherry keyboards at that time. The legends are a dark grey instead of the solid black that most Cherry doubleshots use.

Some versions of the G80-0528 came with a cardboard overlay for the function row at the top, this overlay is for noting shortcuts and notes and is printed on both sides. An NCR branded G80-0528 with an overlay can be seen [here.] The Nixdorf version exists with a full cardboard overlay.[1]

G80-0528 NCR branded

G80-0528 Nixdorf branded

G80-0528 Olympia branded

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