Cherry G80-0778

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The Cherry G80-0778 is a keyboard made by Cherry Corp.. The keyboard has been available as a regular product (see Cherry catalogues), as well as a rack mountable keyboard from a 3rd party manufacturer.

This particular sample is in German layout. It connects to both AT and XT and has got full n-key rollover.

The switches are Cherry MX Black which are the standard for industrial and POS keyboards. It is believed that this keyboard had been used with non-Unix computers, as it lacks several keys (mainly ~) which are required for Unix.

The blue plastic on the upper-left-hand side covers a hole in the metal cover. It had not yet been revealed why it is present. There is no LED underneath.

Known Variants

  • G80-0777 (US layout, MX black)
  • G80-0778 (DE layout, MX black)
  • G80-0779 (FR layout, MX black)

Rack mount version

Regular product

See also

Please see specification and model variants in the Cherry catalogue (File:G80-0777.pdf).