Commodore Amiga 2000

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Amiga 2000 keyboard
Commodore Amiga 2000.jpg
Part number Cherry: G80-0879, G80-0904, G80-0922, G80-0924
FCC ID n/a
Branding Commodore Amiga
Manufacturer Cherry, Hi-Tek, Mitsumi
Features NKRO
Layouts 97/98 Key US, DE, DK, and many more
Keyswitches Cherry MX Black
Hi-Tek Series 725
Mitsumi KKQ Type
Interface Amiga proprietary
Price n/a (included with System)

The Commodore Amiga 2000 is a computer in the Commodore Amiga series. The Amiga 2000 is perhaps the Amiga model that has had the most keyboard revisions.


The connector is a 5-pin DIN plug. The pins are 1:Clock, 2:Data, 4:Ground, 5:+5V. Pin 3 in not used.[1]

Cherry versions

This keyboard (in a few variants) was the first generation of keyboards to ship with the Amiga 2000. It was also the first with the "full-sized" Amiga layout that was used later for all later models, except the (compact) Amiga 600. Among Amiga collectors, the keyboard fetches high prices and is highly sought after, due to its rarity. The keyboard was only in production for the first batch of Amiga 2000 computers (1986–1987)[Citation needed] and was later replaced by a more cost efficient foam and foil variant made by Mitsumi.

The Cherry keyboards are from Cherry G80 series, with Cherry MX switches and double-shot keycaps,[2] with a Cherry MX Linear Grey for the space bar. The Amiga keycaps are pad printed. Diodes are fitted for N-key rollover. The keycaps are originally featured a slightly lighter almond and light grey colour scheme than the default Cherry scheme.

These keyboards can be recognised by the gaps between the Amiga keys and the space bar.

The keyboard features a 1-unit windowed Caps lock key with a red LED beneath. The US variant has a "big-ass" Return key that mounts over two switches: the same as the ISO Return and the key next to it.


Two case variations have been identified: with either six clips or eight screws on the bottom side. Unfastening them should give access to the keyboard PCB inside. [3]


Known variants

  • G80-0879HAU (US-layout, PCB-mounted MX blacks) ??
  • G80-0904HAD (DE-layout, PCB-mounted MX blacks) ??
  • G80-0922 (FI/SE-layout, PCB mounted MX blacks)
  • G80-0924 (DK layout, PCB-mounted MX Black)

Hi-Tek version

The Hi-Tek keyboard used linear Hi-Tek Series 725 switches,[4] weighted at around 55 cN and with short key travel. The Amiga keys are black. There is a rivet that can be seen in the gap in-between the Del and Help keys. On some NMB keyboards, the left Amiga key has a Commodore logo on it instead of an italicized A. Some keyboards have switches with yellow sliders, others white.


Mitsumi version

The Mitsumi version uses tactile Mitsumi KKQ Type switches with blue sliders. The keycaps were made from ABS and yellowed more easily than the earlier Cherry keycaps. Mitsumi keyboards can be told apart from the Hi-Tek keyboards by the decimal point on the numeric keypad not being aligned with the 0 key symbol's baseline, but being higher up.

To accommodate the integrated LED, the caps lock switch is linear.



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