Cherry G80-1000

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Cherry G80-1000
G80-1000HFD 001.jpg
Model no. MX 1000
Part number G80-1000
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts 101–105 Keys US ANSI and multiple International variants
Keyswitches Cherry MX
Interface AT, XT/AT switchable, PS/2
Years of production 1987–2001
Price $109.97 (1992)[1]
~110 DM

The Cherry G80-1000 is the first Model M–style layout keyboard produced by Cherry for the desktop market of the late 1980s and early 1990s. It came in a variety of switches and some variants supported both the AT and PS/2 protocols. The G80-1000 case is the same style as Cherry G81-1000.


The G80-1000 was the first full-size keyboard introduced by Cherry for the desktop market. With clear inspiration taken from the IBM Model M, it was an affordable alternative keyboard with high durability. Multiple variants of the G80-1000 have been produced between its introduction in 1987, with the most recently seen variant produced in 2011. Pricing has hovered around 110 DM (55 EUR).

The case design was more sturdy and essentially of a higher quality than the Cherry G80-3000. In contrast to its successor which has snap-in stabilisers, some G80-1000 have the stabilizers affixed with screws from the backside of the PCB.

Unlike the G80-3000, the G80-1000 was never made with Windows keys and was eventually phased out to be replaced by the G80-3000 and the G83 series of rubber dome keyboards.

Some models have a switch on the bottom to select either XT or AT protocol.

Earlier production runs used an FCC ID of GDD5YOG80-1000; later runs used the same FCC ID of the G80-3000, GDD5YOG80-3000.

Known variants

See Cherry article numbers for the meaning of the three letter codes. In short, the "H" means doubleshot keycaps, the "A" or "F" denote the type of switches used, and the last letter identifies the language layout.


Just loosen the 4 screws on the bottom. A cross point screwdriver is sufficient.


G80-1000 HFD

G80-1000 HAR

See also

  • G80-1500, G80-1501, G80-1600 and G80-9013 feature similar cases.
  • G80-3000 is the successor the G80-1000 as a general purpose keyboard, while the G80-1000 case had been used for quite a long period for card-reader and other speciality keyboards.


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