Cherry G80-11800

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Cherry G80-11800
Part number G80-11800, MX-11800
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts 101/102/106 Key US, DE, IT, JIS and many more.
Keyswitches Cherry MX Vintage Brown
Interface Dual PS/2 (for keyboard and trackball) or USB
Weight 970g
Years of production Unknown
Price ~40-50€

The Cherry G80-11800 is a series of PC-compatible keyboards with built-in trackball. It was made by Cherry Corp. and is no longer in production.


PS/2 models have a cable that splits in two for trackball and keyboard respectively. There were also USB models. Older models did not have Windows keys.

The winkeyless version was produced as OEM for Compaq with Compaq's logo and a special beige hue.


All known keyboards used Cherry MX Vintage Brown switches.


The small trackball has a button on either side for left and right mouse button.

Layout and keycaps

There were variants with and without Windows keys. Similar to the G80-11900, the winkeyless variant uses 1.5 sized Ctrl and Alt keys with a full 7.0 sized space bar key. On the newer variants with Windows keys, all keys on the bottom row except the space bar are only one unit wide.

While the layout is similar to the G80-1800, the right Shift key is two units wide, the 1.75 wide key found on the G80-1800.

All of the row 1 keys, including the ESC key and all function keys have a lower profile than usual. It is assumed this change was done so the keyboard could be better fitted into commonly available rack-mount drawers.

At least two colour variants are known: grey and beige and light grey. The OEM keyboards made for Compaq have keycaps in a colour that is more yellowish than any under the Cherry brand.

The keycaps on all models were lasered PBT. Depending on the revision, the Compaq branded keyboards come in two variants. The variant with homing-bars on the F and J keys uses the newer thin keycaps, while the variant with the home-dots uses the older thick keycaps.


See also

  • G80-11900 Similar to the G80-11800 but has a track pad instead of trackball.