Cherry G80-11900

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Cherry G80-11900
Part number G80-11900, MX-11900
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts 104/105 Key US, DE, IT and many more.
Keyswitches Cherry MX Black
Interface Dual PS/2 (for keyboard and trackpad) or USB
Dimensions 415 x 193 x 37 mm /
16.3 x 7.6 x 1.5 inches
Weight 1100 g / 2.4 lbs
Years of production Unknown
Price ~40-50€
A G80-11900 with double shot keycaps

The Cherry G80-11900 TouchBoard is a series of PC-compatible keyboards with built-in trackpad. It is made by Cherry.


PS/2 models usually have a lasered Cherry logo on the left side (below ESC) and a cable that splits in two for trackpad and keyboard respectively. USB models usually have a red Cherry logo on the right side (below Pause/Break) and a single USB cable. Cherry G80-11900LUMEU (grey/USB; dated Z22) has a darker grey Cherry logo on the left side below ESC key.

Unlike the G80-11800, no older winkeyless models have been spotted.

Other model numbers

The G80-11900 has also been produced with the following model numbers.

Model number Branding Colour scheme Other information Codes known to exist
G80-11901[1] Unbranded Beige LSMUS[2][3]
G80-11903[4][5] APC Beige, black HRMUS[5], LPMUS[4]
G80-11906[6] Cherry Beige Produced for Debenhams, 3-metre cable[7] LPMGB[6]; HRMIT?[8]
G80-11908[9] Unbranded[10] Black[10] HRMDE, HRMES, HRMFR, HRMGB, HRMIT, HRMUS, HWMDE, HWMES, HWMIT, HWMUS[9]
G80-11911[11] -0 LPMRB
G80-11914[12][13] Cherry Black LUMEU
G80-11915[14] Unbranded Black For Heathrow airport (PKS Services)[15] LUMUS-2


All keyboards have linear Cherry MX Black switches.


The trackpad has two small buttons in front of it. The trackpad's (or "touchpad" as it's called in Cherry's English language documentation) resolution is 1000 dpi.

Layout and keycaps

The keyboard part has the same layouts (in both ISO and ANSI) and keycaps as the G80-11800 series with Windows keys.

Boards are light grey or black, with keys in the same colour. Keycap material has been lasered PBT (light grey), lasered with infill POM (black) and double-shot ABS.

All keys on the bottom row except the space bar are one unit wide. The space bar fits also the G80-11800 and G80-1800 with Windows keys, but no other board.

The right Shift key is 2 units wide and has stabilisers, unlike the G80-1800 where this key is 1.75 units wide. The ESC key, the keys on the function key rows (there are two of them) and numeric keypad keys all have the size and profile of the keys of the home row.


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