Cherry G80-1600

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Cherry G80-1600
G80-1600HAP 001.jpg
Manufacturer Cherry
Features Connector for barcode reader, 2 extra switches
Layouts ANSI?, ISO
Keyswitches Cherry MX Black
Interface XT/AT switchable, PS/2
Years of production 1990s

The G80-1600 is a keyboard made by Cherry. The keyboard has been available as a regular product (see Cherry catalog). It has a connector for a first-generation barcode reader, which looks like a ball pen. It also has two extra switches between the modifier keys for controlling the barcode reader.


The keyboard supports both the AT and XT keyboard protocols, selected via a DIP switch at the bottom. At the right-hand side there is a DIN socket to attach a barcode reader. The keyboard features N-key rollover. The case is the same as the G80-1000 standard model, with the exception of the barcode reader socket and 2 extra keys, "Prog" and "Laser". The "Prog" key is used to program code sequences that should be transmitted when the barcode reader is used, while the "Laser" key is used to switch on and off the barcode reader. Additionally, an electronic "key click" can be enabled through the "Prog" key.

The switches are Cherry MX black, which are the standard for industrial and POS keyboards. Additionally the board features two Cherry MX Super black switches on the Prog and Laser keys. These switches were not used for the prototype boards made in 1988.


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Known variants

All known versions have N-key rollover, a connector for a laser barcode reader and Cherry MX Black switches.

  • G80-1600 HAD — German layout
  • G80-1600 HAG — British layout
  • G80-1600 HAP — Portuguese layout
  • G80-1600 HAU — USA layout (ANSI)

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