Cherry G80-1950

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Cherry G80-1950
CherryG80-1950top postit labels.jpg
Part number G80-1950, MX-1950
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts 7x15 matrix.
Keyswitches Cherry MX Brown
Interface PS/2
Weight Unknown
Years of production Unknown
Price Unknown

The Cherry G80-1950 is a programmable point-of-sale keyboard in a 7x15 matrix layout with an integrated magnetic card swipe reader.


It uses PCB-mounted Cherry MX Brown switches and has N-key rollover. Delivered with the keyboard are a set of relegendable keycaps (1U, 2U horizontal, 2U vertical and 2x2 square), several sheets of key legends as well as a set of double shot number keys and a metal key puller. Most models come with a D-sub connector for bar code scanners. Programming can be done via the PS/2 port with a proprietary Cherry program ("Configuration Software") on MS Windows 32 bit operating systems.[1]