Cherry G80-3190

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Cherry G80-3190
Cherry G80-3191HHD front.jpeg
Part number G80-319x family
Manufacturer Cherry
Features Dual/Triple Track MSR & Bar Code Interface, Keylock
Layouts Full-size with 48 Programmable Relegendable Keys
Keyswitches Cherry MX Clear; maybe also Cherry MX Brown
Interface AT
Years of production late 90s
Price $468-$866

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The Cherry G80-3190 series are keyboards manufactured for the Point of Sale market. The 48 relegendable keys are programmable. The keyboards feature thick abs doubleshot keycaps with a unique E-profile/Row 1 numpad and a center stemmed caps lock keycap.

Known Variants

Product number Features Retail Price
G80-3190HAU Dual Track MSR $468
G80-3190HDU Dual Track MSR & Bar Code Interface $639
G80-3190HEU Triple Track MSR $622
G80-3190HHU Triple Track MSR & Bar Code Interface $837
G80-3191HAU Dual Track MSR, Keylock $547
G80-3191HDU Dual Track MSR & Bar Code Interface, Keylock $716
G80-3191HEU Triple Track MSR, Keylock $700
G80-3191HHU Triple Track MSR & Bar Code Interface, Keylock $866

Known Localisations

  • German
  • English (ISO-US and ISO-UK)


See Also

  • G80-3000: Shares many design cues with this case, also has a similar numbering scheme.
  • G80-3180: similar POS boards with a trackpoint on the arrow position

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