Cherry G80-3314

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Cherry G80-3314
Part number G80-3314
Branding Triad
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts LK201
Keyswitches Cherry MX Black
Interface AT
Years of production ~1992

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The Cherry G80-3314 is a keyboard made by Cherry likely for terminal use. It uses Cherry MX Black switches with in-switch diodes, which give the keyboard NKRO support. It comes with Cherry ABS doubleshot keycaps. It uses the layout popularized by the DEC LK201, a common terminal keyboard of it's time. This layout was a standard for many terminals and is not exclusive to Cherry. However, unlike most of the other LK201/LK401 clones, it used a normal DIN5 connector and spoke the AT protocol. Due to the strange layout and strange terminal style legends, many keys on this keyboard are not present on the standard enhanced 101/103/104 layout and thus output different scancodes. Many of which are actually clones of the numrow keys. The cable is long, thick, and terminates in a DIN5 AT connector.

Keys printed with a long horizontal line divider on them are pad printed.


Known Variants

  • G80-3309 HFU with AT&T branding, different keycap legends, Cherry mx blue switches
  • G80-3314 HAU with Triad branding

See Also

G80-3000: Shares many design cues with this case, also has a similar numbering scheme.

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