Cherry G80-3494

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Cherry G80-3494
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts 104 Key US-ANSI, Chinese-ANSI, ANSI with Euro symbol
Keyswitches Cherry MX Red,
Cherry MX Silent Red,
Cherry MX Silent Black
Interface PS/2-USB combo
Weight 950g
Years of production Unknown
Price £62.50 ex VAT

The Cherry G80-3494 is basically a gamer version of the Cherry G80-3000. It has PCB-mounted linear Cherry MX switches with diodes for N-key rollover (6KRO over USB).


So far it has been available only with red Cherry MX switches in black and in ANSI layout. Like other contemporary black G80 keyboards, the keycaps are made of POM. Legends are laser-engraved with white infill.

At CES 2017, Cherry announced variants with Silent Red or Silent Black switches, available in either light grey or black like regular G80-3000 keyboards. The layout is so far only "EU" (ANSI with Euro symbol). It is slated to become available in February 2017.


It appears to be more common on the Asian market. It can be acquired from PCHome. It can also be bought from The Keyboard Company in the UK.


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