Cherry G80-3800

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Cherry G80-3800
Model no. MX-Board 2.0
Part number G80-3800Lxxxx
Manufacturer Cherry
Layouts 104 US-ANSI, Chinese ANSI
Keyswitches Cherry MX Black, Brown, Blue, Red
Switch mount PCB mount
Interface USB
Weight Unknown
Introduced March 2012
Precedes Cherry G80-3850
Price $70 USD

The Cherry G80-3800 is a low-profile full-size keyboard with PCB-mounted Cherry MX switches. It is smaller than the Cherry G80-3000.


The keycaps are new for this keyboard. They are flat and have a different skirt to give the appearance of having low-profile switches. The legends are reminiscent of other newer boards from Cherry, centred and in the Myriad font. The keycap set is not entirely compatible with any other Cherry G80 keyboard. Only comes in black with white legends. Seems to be slightly thicker than other g80-3000 boards. Laser printed keycaps.


It is available with either Cherry MX Black, Brown, Blue or Red switches.

The available layouts are US-ANSI and Chinese-ANSI, both with Windows keys. It is only available in black with white legends.

G80-3800 has been superseded by the plate-mounted Cherry G80-3850 "MX-Board 3.0".

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