Cherry G80-3830

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Cherry G80-3830
Part number G80-3830, G80-3831 (RGB)
Manufacturer Cherry
Features Windows lock
Layouts 88-key US International (ANSI), 88-key Korean (ANSI)

G80-3830: Cherry MX Black, Blue, Brown, Red

G80-3831: Cherry MX RGB Black, RGB Blue, RGB Brown, RGB Red
Switch mount PCB mount
Interface USB
Power draw 500 mA
Rollover N-key rollover (unverified)
Weight 636 g
Introduced 2020

The Cherry G80-3830 and G80-3831 is an upcoming range of PCB-mounted tenkeyless Cherry MX keyboards, announced by Cherry. They are marketed as G80-3000 S TKL — as a smaller, tenkeyless version of the classic Cherry G80-3000 ("MX-3000").


The plastic case's styling is reminiscent of classic keyboards in Cherry's G80-series but has smaller borders.

The layout and keycaps are similar to the Cherry G80-3880 ("MX-Board 8.0"), except for having front LED windows in the locking keys and an additional "Cherry key" in-between the Escape key and F1.

The Cherry key launches a Microsoft Windows application for configuring the backlight.

The G80-3831 has full-colour backlighting whereas the G80-3830 has no backlighting. The keycaps are described in the datasheet and product codes as being lasered but marketed as being "abrasion-resistant".

It will be available in black and light grey colour variants, in 87(+1)-key ANSI layouts only: US International layout and Korean (without Hangul-switch and Hanja-conversion keys).

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