Cherry G80-3850

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MX-Board 3.0
G80-3850 -- Top View incl. Acc.jpg
Part number G80-3850Lxxxx
Manufacturer Cherry
Features Windows lock
Detachable cable (mini USB)
Layouts 108-key US-ANSI, 109-key ISO (UK, FR, ES)
Keyswitches Cherry MX Black, Red, Brown or Blue,
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface USB
Rollover 14KRO
Introduced 2013
Supersedes Cherry G80-3800
Price £79.99

The Cherry G80-3850 is a full-sized keyboard with flat keys for the gaming market. The keyboard is branded "CHERRY MX-BOARD 3.0" at the bottom right, below the numeric keypad.

The G80-3850 is derived from its predecessor, the G80-3800 MX-Board 2.0; the switches are now plate-mounted and the keyboard has a diode in each key for 14-key rollover. There are also four additional keys in the top/right corner: volume down, volume up, mute and Home/Windows lock.

There are indicator lights in Caps lock, Num lock, and Scroll lock keys, and in the Windows keys to indicate whether they are active.

The keycap legend font is Eurostile.[1]

The Caps lock key is incompatible with both off-center and center-stemmed caps lock keycaps, as the switch is located at the same vertical position as Tab.


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