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MX Board 8.0
Part number G80-3880
Branding Cherry
Manufacturer Cherry
Product family Cherry G80
Features White Backlighting, Windows lock
Layouts tenkeyless US-ANSI (EU)
Keyswitches Cherry MX Red only
Switch mount Plate mount
Keycaps Double-shot moulded
Interface USB
Rollover N-key rollover
Dimensions 351 × 145 × 44 mm
Weight 911 g
Introduced 2016
Price ¥1499 CNY
Website keyboards CHERRY MX Board 80.htm

Cherry MX Board 8.0 is a mechanical keyboard for the gaming market. As of (2016-10-19) it has only been announced.


The keyboard has an all-aluminium body reminiscent of Apple's wireless aluminium keyboards with a cylindrical back but slightly thicker and with "floating" keys. The back has a kick-stand like the Lenovo Yoga Tab line of tablet computers. The keyboard is however not wireless, sporting a fixed USB cable on the back The cylinder caps are only ornamental. The USB cable and plug is styled similarly to contemporary Apple plugs.

The keys are backlit with white LEDs and the keycaps are double-shot moulded.

It is marketed as a high-end portable gaming keyboard, having a gaming-styled font, N-key rollover and a Windows lock feature.

It comes in a metallic case with a carrying handle.

Cherry's official web site lists the keyboard only with Cherry MX Red switches, but IGAO7.COM mentions that Black, Brown and Blue should also become available.

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